Now that the travel is over, the hard part begins...

This trip was epic, to be sure.  The endless driving, the impossible hikes, lack of sleep, keeping my gear in good clean working order - it was difficult, to say the least.  But now that I am back in Florida, the really hard work begins!  Creating a book out of the 27,000 or so images is no small feat.  And there are lots of things that go along with that.

Press coverage continues - with articles appearing in newspapers and magazines across the country.  And developing our own promotions is also key, like this one here -

Some of our teaser images, done with a Parellax effect!  Pretty cool, eh?  So neat stuff still happening, all the while I am chained to my computer all day, every day, until I have my selections selected.  So thank you for following along, and stay tuned for the next big announcement, coming soon!