T - Minus Six days and counting...

It's coming, in just a few days, the launch of Dance Across the USA.  Such an epic journey turned into an epic book, which was an epic process!  Wow, I had no idea all the facets that would be involved in such an undertaking.  Like everything else I have tried in my life, I've jumped in with both feet, and figured it out as I went.

This time, I'm doing pretty good, all things considered!  I received an email from Jon Jarvis, former head of the National Park Service.  He loves our book!  He was very kind to give us an endorsement for the book, and I am floored by it.  

Jonathan Givens’ photography depicts graceful dancers within extraordinary landscapes in Dance Across The USA.  His artistic eye reminded me of how important the arts have been to our parks and public lands.  Without the early paintings of Thomas Moran and Arthur Bierstadt, the concept of national parks may have never been embraced. Long exposures by Ansel Adams brought us new perspective of Yosemite, and orchestral composer Chip David re-imagined national parks with his Grand Canyon Suite.  Dance Across the USA significantly contributes to this body of work, using “America’s Best Idea” to inspire, create and rejuvenate.  As each dancer is caught in an exhilarating leap over a backdrop of stunning vista, they remind us to celebrate our nation’s heritage.
— The Honorable Jonathan B. Jarvis – Former Director of the National Park Service (2009-2017)

Can you believe it?!?  So amazing!  I am very humbled and honored to have someone of his stature say such nice things.  Very soon this will be in stock at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and anywhere you buy books.  Of course, if you want to support us directly, buying directly through our website is the best way.  However you choose, I hope you love this book as much as I have loved bringing it to life.  Stay tuned for lots of new content, limited edition prints, behind the scenes stories from the dancers, and much more.  Plus, very soon we will be announcing our follow-up projects.  Thanks for all the support!