And we keep trucking on!

We had a very busy dance school season, but now that it's over, we again turn our attention to #datusa!  We have made an agreement with a printer to produce the book - a beautiful 10x10, 250-ish page tome, and we go to print the end of August!  That should have Dance Across the USA on shelves by October or so.  SO EXCITING!!!!!  There is much still to do, but it is all a labor of love.  Again, this book is meant to raise money for the National Endowment for the Arts and America's Parks, so when it goes on sale we will be donating $1 from every book sold to each of these causes!

I'm looking forward to sharing updates on the process as we continue to move forward.  In the six weeks remaining until press time, there is still quite a lot of layout work to do.  And since I'm new at this, it takes me a while!  =)  Stay tunes for more updates, and as always, KEEP DANCING!

Best -