Little River Canyon - Alabama (Location 3)

After leaving Key West, I drove back home for one last snuggle with the puppies and a few last minute odds and ends before I left for "total reals" (a quote from an actress friend of mine Gina Milo).  It ended up being about a 13 hour drive from Ft. Lauderdale to the Little River Canyon, and I arrived with only about an hour to spare  before I met with the dancers for that location.  A quick check-in with the rangers and we were off!  (Again, permits are REQUIRED for photoshoots in any and all national parks, and we have one for every location)  The first step was finding our way down to the falls where I had planned on shooting, and then figuring out how to look as close to the edge as possible while still being safe.  It's easy to be dumb, but a bit of planing and creative thinking can get you an amazing shot and still not injure anyone.

I really get into my work!  

I really get into my work!  


After a morning of galavanting around Little River Falls, a nap was in order (recall I had driven all night the day before) and a quick scout of the location for the afternoon.     I chose Martha's Falls for the afternoon, and after meeting up with Ranger Miranda Brown, we headed down to the falls.  

This place is awesome!  A swimming hole, you can jump / dive off of the falls here into the cool water, which makes for a very refreshing way to do a photoshoot!  I had the dancers jumping in as I took their photos, and then we scrambled around on the rocks getting more shots in as the sun set.  

Once we finished, we made the hike back up to the cars, where I loaded everything back into the Mighty Buford and started my drive to Louisiana.  One of the little life hacks I learned years ago is that many truck stops have places for folks to take a shower, which was much needed after a day of sun, river, and bug spray (Ahhh, life on the road!)  I found myself a rest area to take a nap, and closed the book on Alabama.  Location 3, done.  Make sure to visit the gallery of teaser images HERE.  And now... off to the Big Easy!