Edits, edits, and more edits!

Having made my first few rounds of selections for what will end up being book images, I am now down to a pool of about 600 images.  First cut brought it down to 2100 or so, now I'm here.  The next stage is to go through and do basic edits on these 600, and print them all out, so I can start laying things out to see how images work with each other in a cohesive piece.  It's getting really real!  

Outside of going a little blind from all the computer time, things are going well.  I'm really excited about what's coming up for us!  Make sure you check back in here from time to time to see how things are progressing, I'll keep you updated!  

Oh, btw, have you been to the Press page on the site?  It's incredible to me at how much coverage we have gotten from this project, and the book isn't even out yet!  Check it out to see some tv, radio, or written pieces about little ol' DATUSA.  Have a great day!