Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main...

Well, it's on the way... 10,000 books coming over the ocean headed towards our distributor then bookstores and online retailers all over the country!  I actually have in my hand (well, not RIGHT now, I am typing, after all...) an advance copy I received via FedEx, and OMG, I cried.  Seriously.  We have been working on this for so long, to see it in reality is overwhelming!  And were it not for all the combined efforts of the village we have created, this would never have been possible. 


A life lesson I swear by is that if you surround yourself with incredible people, THAT is how you grow.  All my friends are way cooler and more talented than I am.  And I like it that way - I get to hang out with the cool kids!  They push me to be better, and teach me things I didn't know I didn't know.  That's called Unconscious incompetence.  


There are tons of cool things being planned once the book launch occurs.  Book signings, special photo sessions, contests, and much more!  We will put up a list of our book signing appearances, and hopefully you will be able to come out and meet some of the dancers, and get a signed copy of the book for your very own!


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Thank you for all the support, and we hope you enjoy Dance Across the USA!!!