The Schedule is RELEASED!!

As the clock starts ticking, the schedule becomes more and more relevant. We must continue forth with a plan!! The people need to know! When are we making each destination? What day are we going to be in YOUR town? When will you see #TheMightyBuford drive through YOUR streets? 

And finally, after hard work, dedication, precision, and a team of people we have figured it out. Step by step.. We're on our way!

So yes, with much excitement and plenty of driving ahead of me I am proud to announce to all those eager to see dancers all across the molten lava in Hawaii, to the Hot Springs of Arkansas;


Yes, yes its out!! Alert the media! Inform the press! Within due time we will take off in #TheMightyBuford, Set forth with a plan. A direction! A purpose! 

So check it out, See where we'll be! There is much exploring ahead! You don't want to miss it. Just follow up on the page "The Schedule" at top and it'll tell you where we'll be and when!

Not to long now, we're on our way! The plans in motion, the dates are set!

We'll be in your state soon enough!!