More good news, and more sponsorships!

I've spent the week in St. Louis, and have come away with some more exciting news for the project.  I now have a publisher interested in the book, and they are creating a proposal for how they would like to work with us on this project!  Which there is still much to be decided upon, this is a MASSIVE step in the right direction!  Also, I've secured financial backing (actual, tangible money!) from a couple of sources, the largest being the Ann Carroll School of Dance in Franklin, TN!  We further have made an agreement for some additional equipment to be loaned to us for this project, with the actual announcement coming once the papers are all signed, and such.

Such a great week!  To top it off, a giant in the photographic field, Mr. Skip Cohen has become aware of us, and will be working with us to help get this project off the ground!  Mr. Cohen was the former president of Hasselblad Cameras, WPPI, and Rangefinder Magazine, among so many other cool things.  He is an author, educator, and so much, much more.  There is a lot coming up in the next few weeks, and some super cool stuff in the wings.  To learn more about Skip Cohen, you can click on this link - SKIP COHEN UNIVERSITY

More to come in the next little bit, but there are still so many steps to go!