Our first hiccup, and some amazing news!

82 days to go!!!  So exciting, and lots going on!  In the past coulee of weeks, we have received almost 2000 submissions from dancers all over the country to be a part of this historic project!  Blown away!  Also, slightly overwhelmed... =) If you are considering submitting to be a part of this, you still have plenty of time!  We have had a range of dancers from 3 to 67 years old apply, men and women, ballet to ballroom.  We love it!  

Of course, any project like this is bound to have a few obstacles to overcome.  Our first was that we were denied permission to use our preferred Alabama location, the USS Alabama.  So, we must now find an alternative location.  While it would be entirely possible for us to "ask for forgiveness, rather than permission", that goes against the spirit of the project.  There are MANY photographers who scoff at the law and just do whatever they want, and think that makes them edgy.  But if you do it the right way, you can get a lot farther, and even have people help you make your amazing art!  

So while we search for a new Alabama location, the rest of the project keeps moving on.  We have gotten samples for book bindings, paper types, and cover styles.  We're progressing on the permits for our locations, where necessary.  We are finishing up the calendar so we know what days we are at each location.  And we're working out the gear list on what it will take to make my trip be as efficient and comfortable as possible.  Our van,  #themightbuford, which we will be using for this journey, will be outfit will everything we need.  Right now we are exploring the pros and cons of solar power vs a van powered solution.  Photos to come of Buford once he gets his new clothes!

So, everything is moving along.  Thanks again for the outpouring of interest, as we prepare to Dance Across the USA!